Legal Hold

Automate Legal Hold Notices

How do you and your legal team stay ahead of the litigation curve to control cost and risk and ensure that potentially responsive data is proactively placed under “hold?”

Bring efficiency and defensibility to your legal hold process with OmniX Legal Hold and make e-mails and spreadsheet legal hold management a thing of the past. OmniX Legal Hold, a module that integrates with the OmniX review platform, enables corporate legal departments and outside counsel to distribute, track and report on the status of legal hold notices sent to employees.

With OmniX Legal Hold, users can streamline and centralize legal hold processes:

  • Build repeatable workflows with customized questions, hold notices and e-mail templates
  • Import lists of recipients and disseminating legal hold messages
  • Confirm that recipients have received the legal hold notification
  • Report on the current status of legal hold acknowledgements
  • Make on-the-fly changes to recipient lists or messages
  • Automatically send reminders, eliminating the need for manual follow-up
  • Produce detailed reports with defensible audit trails of all communications